Sean E Anderson


Senior Mechanical Engineer
Tissue Vision, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
PhD,MS University of Pennsylvania 2015
BSME, The College of New Jersey 2009
Email: s dot e dot anderson12 at gmail dot com
PhD Dissertation
Curriculum Vitae
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Research Expertise – carbon nanopipettes, nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, micro/nanofluidics, electrochemistry, cell electrophysiology, electron microscopy, lab-on-chip technology

UPenn MEAM Department Seminar 2014/07/22:


Chemical and Engineering News: “Better Electrodes for Neurochemistry” “Carbon nanopipettes for automated injection”


Sean E. Anderson and Haim H. Bau, “Carbon nanoelectrodes for single-cell probing”, Nanotechnology, 2015, 26, 185101, Link

Hillary R. Rees, Sean E. Anderson, Eve Privman, Haim H. Bau, and B. Jill Venton, “Carbon nanopipette electrodes for dopamine detection in Drosophila”, Analytical Chemistry, 2015, 87 (7), pp 3849–3855, Link

Sean E. Anderson and Haim H. Bau, “Electrical Detection of Cellular Penetration during Microinjection with Carbon Nanopipettes”, Nanotechnology 2014, 25, 245102
Link, Full Text, Scholarly Commons

Lisa Grega, Sean E. Anderson, Matthew Cheetham, Alex Colletti, Winston Moy, David Talarico, Scott L. Thatcher, and Jeffrey M. Osborn, “Aerodynamic Characteristics of Saccate Pollen Grains”, International Journal of Plant Sciences 2013, 174 (3), 499-510
Full Text


Anderson, S. E., Kashina, A., Bau, H. H., & Cooperman, B. S., “Microinjection of fl-tRNA for the Study of tRNA Subcellular Dynamics”, Biophysical Journal, 2015., 108(2), 571a.